I was gifted this Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout by a mate at work. The brewer behind this beer is Todd Kitchen, an award-winning homebrewer. Todd headed up brewing this mega beer with a couple of close friends who took on the project of a monster RIS.

Brewers Description

A rich malty Russian Imperial Stout that was aged in a Whiskey barrel. The rich roasted malt flavour and smooth hop profile with good bitterness allow this beer to highlight the lovely oak flavour of the Whiskey barrel and the hints of butterscotch from the whiskey remanence in the barrel.

Let the Tasting Begin

This is a beer that makes you nervous to crack open and why not, at 14% ABV your now sitting at the big boy’s table.


This RIS pours black in colour with a 1 finger beige fluffy head that slowly settles down to a small collar. That small collar of foam retains extremely well for a stout.


Upon taking my nose to the glass I expect to be hit with a large whiff of alcohol fumes, I was wrong, this puppy delivers chocolate and roasted coffee aromas.


I take my first mouthful and immediately I am hit with a taste of whiskey, raisins roasted malts and dark chocolate.


The body is extremely full and there is a hint of alcohol on the back end, it’s like drinking silk.


Overall I am extremely pleased with this beer and how well its balanced against such a high ABV. It’s hard to believe this come from a couple of avid homebrewers which no doubt you will hear about in the future because these guys have a talent worth bottling, literally.

Keep an eye out!

The boys behind this beer are working on some big things behind the scenes so expect to be hearing from them soon for something exciting.

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