Prancing Pony Mixed 6 Pack

Cheers to the friendly staff at Pakenham Bottle O who were kind enough to provide me with a Prancing Pony mixed 6 pack. If you’re in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne I highly recommend checking out this store. It really is a hidden gem that has a surprisingly unique range of craft beers you would expect to see in a boutique store closer to the city.

Prancing Pony is a husband and wife owned brewery located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia that came about in 2011. If you wish to find out a bit more about this brewery they were featured in a Beer & Brewer magazine advertorial.

Sunshine Ale

Prancing Pony - Sunshine Ale

Prancing Pony – Sunshine Ale

Sunshine AlePrancing Pony

ABV: 4.8%

This lovely golden Sunshine ale pours slightly hazy and pale golden in colour with a good level of carbonation.  There is a nice tropical and citrus aroma on the nose and the taste is slightly spicy, this beer is very much like a pilsner that prances actively on the tongue. There’s a moderate bitterness which makes this the perfect beer to enjoy laying on the grass in a soul-warming autumn sun.

Commercial Description: A refreshing and thirst-quenching Summer Ale made from 100% pilsener malt and hopped six times with only citrusy hops, producing lychee, mango, pineapple, orange and melon characters. Straw coloured, light malt sweetness, moderate bitterness with a citrus kick and dry finish yet long in flavour.


Pale Ale

Prancing Pony - Pale Ale

Prancing Pony – Pale Ale

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 28

This clean easy drinking Pale Ale that pours hazy and deep golden in colour with a medium white head that retains well. The aroma and taste are both quite earthy with a generous hit of biscuity malt and a slight hint of citrusy hops.

Commercial Description: A rich, dark-golden colour with lots of head, malt aroma and big hop flavours. The emphasis is on hop, malt and fruity flavours. A full flavoured, rich ale without the high bitterness of some more assertive American Pale ales. Definitely a ‘bigger’ ale than the ‘Blonde Ale’ and favoured by those who appreciate a fuller but balanced flavour profile. Also four-times hopped with more late hop additions in the boil and fermented with American Ale style yeast for more fruity notes. This goes well with full flavour Asian dishes, fish, seafood and chicken dishes.

Amber Ale

Prancing Pony - Amber Ale

Prancing Pony – Amber Ale

ABV: 5%
IBU: 33

I expected this Amber Ale to be bitter and sweet but it’s actually easy drinking with some citrus flavour and light caramel coming through. It pours deep amber in colour with a thin white head. Amber ales are not typically a style I would usually drink but this has me keen to explore more Ambers in the future.

Commercial Description: Rich amber colour with lots of malt aroma and hop flavours. The style is based on ‘American Amber’. A malty Amber ale with citrus and resinous hop characters. Designed to have good body yet light and easy with ‘long’ flavours and lingering late bitterness. This ale is six-times hopped with American and Australian hops and fermented with ale yeast. The perfect ale to share with pasta and steak or hearty home-style cooked meals.

India Red Ale

Prancing Pony - India Red Ale

Prancing Pony – India Red Ale

ABV: 7.8%
IBU: 60

Pours a dark amber brown with a small white head. There is some nice coffee coming through along with spicy and resinous hops. Sitting at 7.9% no wonder it packs a punch, a well balanced red IPA that perfectly compliments steak and chips, this beer has balls. 

Commercial Description: This ale is based on ‘American Imperial Double Red Ale’ according to the British Ale Style Guide. With a dark red brownish colour, a firm creamy head and lots of fruity aromas on the nose, this ale has a big, malty body with late bitterness. The Red has been crafted with big dry hop aromas coming through from citrusy and tropical fruity hop varieties. With late lingering bitterness, it is in perfect harmony with the fruity hop aromas. This Thoroughbred goes well with Asian and Curry dishes and presents well when matched to blue cheeses and smoked meats.

Hopwork Orange – American Pale Ale

Prancing Pony - Hopwork Orange American Pale Ale

Prancing Pony – Hopwork Orange American Pale Ale

ABV: 4.8%

Pours medium amber with a small 1 finger white head. This punchy IPA has caramel and orange on the nose then when you drink it you can savour the spicy citrus and piney flavour along with a decent amount of bitterness

Commercial Description: The unmistakable pony brand of the infinite long flavour. An exceptionally smashable APA with uncanny blend of hops, oozing aromas of oranges, followed by an excursion through the fruit orchard. Intense tangerine flavours, hints of honey melon, mango and pine. The hop bitterness raises and lingers smoothly for a thousand years.

Pagan’s Empire – Imperial Pale Ale

Prancing Pony - Pagans Empire Imperial Pale Ale

Prancing Pony – Pagans Empire Imperial Pale Ale

ABV: 6.6%
IBU: 60

An Imperial pale ale, whats that? I’m assuming it’s the equivalent to an India Pale Ale but if I’m wrong please correct me in the comments below. It definitely falls into IPA territory with a citrusy aroma along with a spicy, piney and resinous taste.

Commercial Description: A single IPA with rye in the malt bill and a resinous hop blend, with a nose of spices, pine, hay, grapefruit rind and passion fruit. A smooth malty backbone, rounded, but assertive bitterness, lingering for a crisp finish. We can hear the drums rumbling in the distance and see the ‘early’ stone dudes dancing around the fire.

Final Thoughts

My pick of the bunch would have to be the India Red Ale, by Australian standards, it’s quite a big beer, so too many of these would see you falling off the pony.

Have you tried of these beers from the Prancing Pony range? I would love to hear some of your thoughts in the comments below.

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