Temperature Controlled Fermentation

Temperature controlled fermentation is the most popular and effective way of improving your homebrewed beer. The simple process of maintaining a constant temperature during fermentation will ensure the beer you’re brewing tastes so much better. Temperature control is...

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Specific Gravity in Homebrewing.

Specific Gravity in homebrewing is a part of the brewing process that makes us feel like mad scientists. I'm a firm believer that as a homebrewer, beer makes you smarter. You can talk to your mates about specific gravity and sound really clever with how you apply...

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Brewing your first beer, kit & kilo style

Brewing your first beer, kit & kilo style is the first method most home brewers in Australia usually begin with. It's the result of receiving a home brew kit for Christmas or your Birthday.  Kit & Kilo is the process of mixing a can of hopped malt extract, a...

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The Twins – Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout

I was gifted this Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout by a mate at work. The brewer behind this beer is Todd Kitchen, an award-winning homebrewer. Todd headed up brewing this mega beer with a couple of close friends who took on the project of a monster RIS. Brewers...

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Prancing Pony Mixed 6 Pack

Prancing Pony Mixed 6 Pack Cheers to the friendly staff at Pakenham Bottle O who were kind enough to provide me with a Prancing Pony mixed 6 pack. If you're in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne I highly recommend checking out this store. It really is a hidden gem...

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Cleaning and Sanitising in homebrewing

Cleaning and Sanitising for homebrewers is the essential process of removing any bacteria, wild yeasts and microorganisms that may be living in your equipment. While it may not be the most exciting part of brewing it is definitely the most important. We all suck it up...

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